How to choose a wig?

How to choose a wig?

To buy a wig with good quality and low price, we should choose from the quality of the wig and the technology of inner net.

The types of wigs can be divided into chemical fiber hair, human hair and human hair mixed with chemical fiber hair

Chemical fiber hair is generally used in cosplay. It is not suitable for daily wear and is difficult to take care of. The only advantage is that it is well shaped, and you don't need to take care of it, because it's cheaper. You can use it several times.

Human hair blended with chemical fiber hair is a minefield in the wig market. Some brands basically sell 70% human hair mixed with 30% chemical fiber hair, but they will mark it out. The purpose of blending chemical fiber hair is to improve the shaping ability of wigs. The general identification method is to cut off a wisp of hair and light it with fire. Chemical fiber hair will have a very obvious plastic smell.

Human hair is just a general term. According to the hair quality grade, it can be divided into five grades: hair soaking, hair cutting, hair soaking, hair cutting and hair braiding. Bubble hair and hair shaving will become extremely rough after several times of washing. Many businesses use this kind of hair as inferior under the name of full human hair. If you want to wear it every day, you should at least buy straight foam hair. You must consult before purchasing. Braided hair is recognized as the best quality wig in the wig industry. The raw materials used are hair with excellent quality that have never been dyed by perm.

The inner net part of the wig is divided into simulated scalp and air permeable net, and the size of the simulated scalp area also determines the price of the wig. According to the size, it can be divided into three parts: only the head rotation part is the simulation human scalp, only the hair parting part is the simulation human scalp, the local simulation human scalp (up to 37 points), the front half of the head imitating the human scalp, and the whole head imitating the human scalp. Generally do not toss, then the local simulation of human scalp is enough, like to toss hair on the front half of the head imitation of human scalp. Because the cost of full head imitation human scalp is very high, so the price is also very expensive, I don't think it is necessary.

The technology of imitating the human scalp determines the price of the wig. The technology used is different, and the price is much worse. The general process is divided into hand weaving process, inserting needle technology and transferring needle technology.

Hand weaving is a kind of traditional craft which has been used 10 years ago, and its authenticity is relatively poor, so it belongs to low-end technology.

Needle insertion and needle delivery are relatively advanced technologies. The process is relatively complex and the price is relatively expensive. However, the authenticity is not to be said. It looks like it is no different from the real scalp.

Air permeable mesh is generally woven technology and hand weaving technology. Hand woven fabric is lighter than woven fabric, and its air permeability is better. Of course, hand weaving is also more expensive than weaving.

Basically, all the above criteria determine whether a wig is good or bad. When you buy a wig, you can refer to it.