How to deal with knotted wigs?

How to deal with knotted wigs?

If the wig has been used for a long time or is used improperly, it will be knotted. We can take various methods to restore the wig to its natural state.

1. If the knotting situation is not too serious, you can gently comb it with a steel comb, and be careful not to use brute force, otherwise the knotting situation will become more and more serious, and the wig will be damaged and the hair will break.

2. If it really can't be combed, you can spray the hair conditioner on the wig with water, and then gently comb it with a steel comb. Generally, it can be smoothed.

3. If the knot is too tight to be combed, you can only use scissors to cut off the knotted part. Although this can open the knot, it will inevitably damage the wig shape.

Therefore, MILAWIG recommends that you pay attention to the maintenance of wigs at ordinary times, and do not throw them around when not in use, to fundamentally avoid knotting. Generally, a wig holder is attached when buying a wig. When not in use, we can put it on the holder, which can largely avoid hair friction, thus causing knotting. During daily maintenance, spray the wig care solution several times to form a protective film on the hair surface, making the wig smoother, thus avoiding knotting and extending the service life.

When washing, we should also pay attention not to rub the wig hard. After washing, we should not expose it to the sun or dry it with the hot air in the hair dryer. Wipe off the excess water with a towel and then put it on the bracket to dry naturally.