How to wear a wig and how to wear it will not fall off

How to wear a wig and how to wear it will not fall off

How to wear a wig

Step 1: The middle and long hair bangs and the hair on both sides are curled with a curl stick according to the curl of the wig.

Step 2: The bangs and hair on both sides are separated, and the remaining hair is tied into ponytails.

Step 3: Fix the long hair on both sides of the bangs temporarily with a hairpin

Step 4: Take out the most prepared mesh head cover in advance.

Step 5: Put the horsetail into the mesh head cover.

Step 6: The ponytail is involved in the netlike headgear.

Step 7: Fix the bun with a black hairpin.

Step 8: Take out the wig and tidy it up.

Step 9: Stick the wig in the mesh headcover.

Step 10: Adjust the wig slightly, and then fix it.

Step 11: Gently separate the wig by hand.

Step 12: Make sure the wig is fixed.

Step 13: Take thin hair and use a comb to shave it down.

Step 14: Use a comb to comb the front hair back and press the connecting line covering the wig.

Step 15: Sort out the bangs and curls a little.

Step 16: Use a comb and hand to comb curly hair and real hair together to make the whole hair style more natural.

Through these steps, you can wear a wig, add your personality, and instantly change your favorite hairstyle.

II. How can the wig not fall off

Choose a wig that matches your head type. If you want to wear a wig on your head that doesn't fall off, you need a wig that is very suitable for you. Some people have small heads or special head types, so they must be careful when choosing wigs, and try to choose wig bands that they can grasp.

In addition, it is important to adjust the hair ring of the wig. When wearing the wig, it is also important to comb the hair. You can turn the hair into a bun, and then wear hair clips and wigs, which can increase the friction between the wig and the hair, so that the wig is not easy to fall from the head.

Also, the correct way to wear a wig is to cover it slowly from front to back. Don't worry. First, use your forehead against the wig, then slowly adjust the orientation and wear it, and finally adjust the corners and broken hair.

What about the fake wig

Sometimes the wig is bulging when worn. Experienced people can see at a glance that the hair is not real.

Even if the material of the wig is good, I believe your image is not perfect. Then I recommend you wrap your hair with a wig net, and then wear a wig. Or wear a cute hat, which will make you look more cute!

Four skills of wearing short wigs

(1) Hold the hairline of the wig with both hands, move back and down from the forehead, and fix it with the hair clip after adjustment.

(2) After wearing it, adjust the overall shape of the hair with a comb or fingertip.

V. Skills of wearing long wigs

(1) Hold the sideburns on both sides of the wig with your hand, put on the wig from back to front, and move forward to adjust the wearing position on your forehead.

(2) Adjust back and down a little to make the wig look natural.

(3) Use a comb and fingertips to adjust the overall shape of the hair after wearing.